I want to thank you again for joining this journey. As the founder of Making 50s Fabulous I am passionate about building a tribe of women who are ready to JOIN this JOURNEY. If I can reawaken the purpose, joy and passion among women 50 and over, then I have truly tapped into my own mission in life. I enjoy spending time with joyful, uplifting and fun-loving people.

I also love being a market partner in Monat Global.

Locally, I am the president of the Northern Palm Beach chapter of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA)

You can learn more about that below if you wish.


Living and Eating Clean

As a breast cancer survivor eating and living clean has become a top priority in my life. So many foods have toxins that harm the body and cause diseases as cancer. In my blog, I have added a few articles on how to incorporate clean living into my life and how I choose foods that help expand, rather than halt my own ability to live freely.

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