Thinning hair is a term used to refer to moderate or minor hair loss. It is unlike widespread hair loss because the thinning hair is usually not responsible for causing baldness. However, it does provide an appearance of thinner spots of hair over your scalp. Thinning hair is a phenomenon that occurs gradually and it means you have time for pinpointing the causes and figuring out the best available remedies. So how do you fix thinning hair? We explain below:

How to fix thinning hair.

Most cases regarding thinning hair are treatable from home. Here are some options for their treatment.

1. Scalp massage:

It is possibly the cheapest method for achieving thick hair. It doesn’t cost you anything and you do not have to face any side effects after the event. After you have washed your hair, apply pressure gently by using the fingertips over the scalp to encourage blood flow. For additional benefits, you can use an instrument called a handheld scalp massager for removing the dead skin cells.

2. Essential oils:

These are liquids derived out of some specific plants. They are used in the treatment called aromatherapy and in some other cases as alternative medicine. According to sources, lavender oil has been utilized successfully for treating pattern baldness by many people. Many times, this oil is combined with other kinds of oils such as those made from thyme and rosemary. However, there is no clear evidence to suggest that these oils can treat thinning hair or baldness. You may also try Rejuveniqe Oil from Monat which is patent pened and contains more than 11 essential oils.

3. Using anti-thinning products:

The anti-thinning products work by using two methods. First is that they provide volume to the hair, resulting in the appearance of your hair looking thicker. It is helpful for people that have naturally fine or thinning hair. Some of the shampoos from companies such as Monat contain amino acids and vitamins that promise to provide a healthier scalp for generating more hair over a while.

4. Multivitamins:

Having healthy hair depends on how good your overall health is. Sometimes in cases of malnourishment or cases of some eating disorders, the newer hair cannot generate follicles. You can get a blood test done from the healthcare provider to decide if there is any deficiency of nutrients within your body. In case you are low in certain areas, the health care provider will recommend a daily dose of multivitamins. However, do not consume additional vitamins if your body is getting a sufficient dose.


Keep in mind that although the event of thinning hair can appear to be disconcerting in the beginning, it is also treatable. You can use the reliable hair products from Making 50s Fabulous website, such as Reshape Root Lifter, Volumizing Revive shampoo, and Volumizing Vitalize Conditioner to help with the treatment. Keep in mind that these products mentioned above only help in the treatment of hair loss and you may be forced to opt for hair transplants as the ultimate option.

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