Reset Your Resilience

As you move to and past the 50 year mark of life, things just start to kind of “slow down”. Our bodies, minds and souls just start going a little slower, and taking time for US takes a second seat to taking care of others. We become grandmothers, care-givers and amp our “Busy’ness”. When we do this, we accelerate the process of slowing down. To keep up with the game and to maximize your life experience, it is critical that you pencil in time just for you. I don’t mean the “mani-pedi” although that is a great way to incorporate self-care, I am really talking about taking real time for you. Here are some ideas for taking that much need YOU DAY.

Schedule a YouCation

This is when you rent a room somewhere, just for you, and you stay there alone. You take time to see the location around you and enjoy the process of just being with you. During this time, do what you love. Enjoy the essence of who you were born to be and to become. Being with yourself is an amazing experience. It resets your resilience in many ways. Many women at our age tend to have a slight fear or anxiety toward being home alone.

Set Soft Boundaries

When we turn 50 and above, we tend to not set enough boundaries. It may feel as if people are railroading us with things they want. Saying no is the most loving thing you can do for yourself. You may need to say no to too much Facebook or say no to a relative who insists that you take him or her to the store. Say no to friends who are constantly negative, and say no to food or drink that hurts your heath. Setting boundaries is a great way to reset your resilience.

Take care of your Body

Setting a whole day aside for body self-care is a great way to reset your resilience. Get a deep-tissue massage, sit in a hot sauna. The toxins release from your body as the steam heats you up. Eat natural and clean foods. These foods have energy that is processed easily. Fruits, veggies and nuts are still the best foundation for healthy living.

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