Breast Cancer is Unacceptable

What it takes to survive this atrocity is tenacity and grace. October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and always a time to reflect on those you love who have survived through treatment or holistic living. Breast cancer awareness should also focus on two other important areas; breast cancer prevention through clean eating and living, and life after cancer when treatment is successful.

Many times we go into this month seeing pink everywhere, and the Susan Komen foundation rocks the promotion of how to recognize the signs, be proactive with self-care and checkups and emotionally deal with the life issues which arise after the diagnosis. Foundations around the world hold fund-raisers, and rallies to help women who have breast cancer. It’s an incredible thing to see.

Surviving breast cancer requires an awareness of the possibility that you can heal from this. It may not seem that way when you first are diagnosed, but it is possible. Going through all of it with a holistic and light-hearted approach, makes the process less painful. Your family may not understand everything about the diagnosis, so take time to include them in all conversations about the exact process of treatment.

Prevention of breast cancer is something we should talk about also. Today, if you are a woman, you may have breast cancer, and we are praying for your recovery. If you don’t have breast cancer, there are preventative measures that can help you avoid getting it. Prevention starts with awareness of what breast cancer is and how it starts to grow in the body. When you are aware of the natural prevention methods and you do those methods, you may be less likely to get the news of breast cancer.

Here are a few ways you can start now, to help your body.

  1. Drinking plenty of water can help move toxins and free radicals out of your body faster.
  2. Fruits are powerful antioxidants so get plenty of them in your daily food intake.
  3. Pay attention to your acidity and include alkaline foods such as greens, in your daily intake.

Surviving, preventing and thriving are all possible when you simply learn all you can about your body. Make sure you pay attention to foods and drinks which are toxic to the body and stay away from them as much as possible.

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