Welcome to Making 50s Fabulous! Thank you so much for being part of my tribe. I am Loretta Remy and my interests are in helping women live a fabulous life at mid-life. My mission is to help women reawaken their passion and join the journey. We have so much to talk about, so many ways to connect and so much work to do in our life. My story of survival and awakening is probably much like yours. I am super excited to be bringing valuable content to you on this journey. One event that shook up my world, was a bout with breast cancer.
I had a double mastectomy in 2009. I had what is called Stage Zero. I never had to go through chemo or radiation.
I am the founder of Making 50s Fabulous as well as a partner with Monat Global. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor and had a double mastectomy in 2009, being a level zero, meaning I didn’t have chemo or radiation.

My Breast Cancer Story

I learned resilience during my bout with breast cancer. I learned that there are some things in life that just happen and we don’t ever understand why. Read about my story here.

They say your hair is your strength, I would love to share my business with you. I am very passionate about the health and vitality. I have truly enjoyed working this busines model and would love to share it with you as well.

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